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Fishtrap Lake Resort is a private, seasonal Spokane RV park with large footprint sites.

We don’t do any short term camping, day use, dock fishing, or boat rentals. This structure has made Fishtrap a very peaceful environment for our seasonal campers.

Fishtrapers build their sites out with decks, lawns, custom fire pits, cedar fences, and even man made waterfalls. This provides residents a premium experience for their home away from home. It’s that environment that gives residents an RV park experience they can enjoy, and not just a place to visit the lake is what we believe in.

Fishtrap Lake is a managed rainbow trout lake that is stocked multiple times every year and is home to a large carry over population. Because of this, you’ll find the best trout fishing in the Northwest on our waters.

In addition to the fishing attraction, the lake’s no-wake classification makes it ideal for kayakers & canoeing. That reputation for calm waters with beautiful sights attract several local kayaking clubs.

Land Adventures Near Our Spokane RV Park

Fishtrap is also surrounded by 8000 acres of BLM land. On which, you’ll find miles of lakefront trails, wildlife viewing, wildflower fields, and wide open spaces.

Our residents enjoy the BLM land so they can hike the trails or spend a day off-road cycling. The BLM land is open to horseback riding as well. Consequently, several local groups make trips to the lake on the weekends to ride the trails.

As the BLM land is great habitat for bird life, there are hundreds of local species that our residents enjoy watching. In addition, the resort has habitat development for more rarely seen species like the wood duck. These wood duck homes have brought a large population to the resort property that can be seen on the lake in the early morning hours.

Fishtrap Lake Resort Activities Blog

Bird Watching

FTL Resort owner, Trudy Barker, is a bird enthusiast and over the years of living at the resort full time she’s attracted a serious following through her regular feeding of the various bird populations. Wood ducks, goldfinches, and hummingbirds are a few common species to be seen, but if you venture out on the water…

Hiking, Biking, & Horseback Riding

Fishtrap Lake is surrounded by 8000 acres of land owned by the Bureau of Land Management. This is public land that our residents can access from our gate to the BLM property which takes you directly to the waterfront trails. Around the Resort and BLM property you’ll find and abundance of wildlife and sights. If…


Fishtrap Lake is home to rainbow trout ranging in size from small fry plant from the Washington Fisheries Department to native rainbows up to 26 inches. For sport fisherman of any type this lake is a great place to catch a limit in a few hours and have a ton of fun battling the hard…

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