The Fishtrap Family

RV park in Spokane

A Family Owned RV Park in Spokane

The Barkers have owned and operated Fishtrap since 2002.

Fishtrap has a long history dating back to the 1800s. Over the years it’s changed a lot. The lake started as a fishing camp for Native American tribes and received it’s name from the fish traps they built. During prohibition the resort became a hotel, speakeasy, & dance hall.

Fishtrap finally found the way to its current model under the ownership of Jimmy and Edith Scroggie in the 1950s. Their idea was to start a fishing and camping resort. That model took off as the post war baby boom created families looking for wholesome fun.

Private RV Park in Spokane Washington For Outdoor Enthusiasts

In 2002 Mike, Trudy, Lee, & Matt Barker took over ownership of the business and have operated it ever since. The family is bigger now, and the business has since become a private RV community loved by many outdoor enthusiasts. Since owning the resort, their love for the outdoors has only grown.

The Barker’s enjoy fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, kayaking, bird watching, wildlife observing, and pretty much every other outdoor-ing that can be done on the lake. You could say that the lakeside oasis in Eastern Washington is their match made in outdoor heaven. They hope to share it with you too!